The Better Bokashi

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Bokashi for Composting - With Added Nutrients with Beneficial Microbes

Accellerated Composting System with Added Nutrients

The Better Bokashi is composed of natural lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and actinomycetes fermented onto a rice bran structure, creating  a microbial community that digests organic matter into beneficial amino acids.

The Better Bokashi is used as a soil enhancer, compost accelerator, and odor control amendment.

The Better Bokashi significantly accelerates the breakdown of organic matter, such as green waste and manure, while reducing overall odor.  In addition, adding bokashi into soil increases the overall microbial activity within the medium as well as enhancing the plant's ability to uptake available nutrients.  Bokashi characteristics will also help decrease soil borne disease and pests as well as reducing the overall need for fertilizers to achieve productive plants. An adaptive soil enhancement, The Better Bokashi can be used in conjunction with existing feed regiments (organic, mycorrhizal or synthetic).