Organic Summer Crookneck Squash

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With a bit of an unusual appearance this soft squash with bright lemon-yellow skin offers a distinct mild and sweet flavor. Also commonly known as summer crookneck, golden summer crookneck and early summer crookneck. Despite its name, summer squash is a warm-season crop and can be grown during warm frost-free weather. This sweet and mild nutty flavored squash has a light-yellow flesh on the interior and is softer than carrots or apples. Known for its vigor and versatility, this high producing squash can be used in an array of culinary delights.  Best when harvested while they are young and tender, or when they are about 4” – 7” long, if rind gets too tough, it is too old to use. The is the main difference between a summer and winter squash, is harvesting before the rind hardens and the fruit matures.  Harvest cycle is about 42 - 65 days. Plucking out old fruit allows for new fruit to grow.


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