Zin Master Zinnia – Zinnia Elegans

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The Zin Master is a fabulous mix of ten varieties of zinnias. Featuring the California Giant, the Dahlia Flowered, the Pumila, the Lilliput, the Thumbelina and the Mexican Zinnia.

Suitable to grow in all regions, this annual will thrive in sun or partial shade. Ideally plant a month after the last frost, if unexpected frost arrives, replant seeds. Summer planting is possible in regions of cooler temperatures, where temperatures do not hover above 80 degrees. Plant where sun is available throughout the summer and where there is a water source is nearby.

Prepare site by weeding, removing debris and making space for your new flower bed. If soil needs amending, consider adding compost or other organic nutrient rich additives to the soil.

Once you are ready to plant, broadcast seeds and mix with a carrier to help with even distribution. Sand or sawdust are an excellent neutral medium, use a 5:1 ratio, sand to seed. Seed can be raked or mulched over, best to not plant deeper than 1/2”. If planting in pots, use an organic potting mix.


Attracts pollinators

Excellent for cut flowers


Seed Count : Seed Count : 100