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Worm Castings
Worm Castings
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Worm Castings

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Worm Castings

- 100% Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

- 2.5-pound bag

- Local pickup is in Benicia, CA 

What it is:   Earthworms benefit gardens in numerous ways as they move through the soil creating spaces for water and air.  They also leave behind their castings, the end product of worm digestion. Earthworm castings are full of organic matter and desirable microorganisms By using the power of worms, we are able to create a high-end worm-casting product that improves soil structure, total microbial populations, and overall soil health and fertility.  Harmony Organics worms are fed a diet primarily of OMRI-listed ingredients to produce a high-quality, natural, and organic-finished product.

What it's used for: Finished worm castings are a great natural and organic soil amendment that returns valuable nutrients into the soil promoting the growth of healthy plants and minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers.   Whether you choose to top dress existing plants or beds or mix within existing soil media at 10% to 20% of the total volume, the castings provide a quick source of essential nutrients to plants and help retain nutrients in the soil for future use.

How to Use:  These castings serve as soil-enhancing mulch however their impact increases when they are worked into the soil before planting.

Environmental Benefits: Earthworm castings imitate natural decomposition processes, allowing organic waste to break down into nutrient-rich compost, which can be returned to the soil to help new things grow. These castings help the environment by reintroducing a high-quality product back into the soil and decreasing the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Packages contain approximately 2.5 pounds of locally produced worm castings.

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