Humboldt's Choice Soil

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Humboldt's Choice Soil


- Our superior base mix for your garden needs

- Superior coco coir base mix to get your plants rolling

The Humboldt’s Choice Soil is how it all started for Harmony Organics.  It is our premium coco coir base mix to increase overall water holding capacity and at the provide plants with the initial boost of nutrients for early growth.  This is a great media for growers with a dedicated nutrient program and or who like to add their own amendments. Humboldt’s Choice is idea for broad spectrum use, indoors or outdoors, as well as amending into existing soil to increase water holding capacity and aeriation.  Whether using conventional methods or organic solutions in a wide variety of growing conditions, this media enables optimum plant growth and encourages bountiful harvests.


Coco Coir, Compost, Ligna Peat, Worm Castings, Pumice, Bat Guano, Shrimp/Crustacean Meal, Rock Dust

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