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Grower's Premium - Harmony Organics

Searching for new heights in your plants' potential?  Our Summit Blend, created in Humboldt County's Emerald Triangle, is an all-natural amended soil that promotes robust growth, healthy root structure and increased yield! This mix can be used as a stand-alone potting mix or blended into existing soils to provide the kick you need. Using water-retaining coco coir as the base media, Summit Blend harmoniously combines locally sourced compost, worm castings, pumice and the finest amendments to support your desired plant needs.  Tested, Tried, and Approved by the Harmony Organics team!


Coco Coir, Compost, Worm Castings, Chicken Manure, Pumice, Bat Guano, Fish Meal, Shrimp Shell,  Gypsum, Soft Rock Phosphate, Elemite Trace Minerals, Oyster Shell Flour, and microbial cocktail

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