Growers Premium Blend - Harmony Organics

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Growers Premium Blend - Harmony Organics

How does your garden grow? From the ground up, no doubt! Our Growers Premium Potting Soil provides the perfect growing medium for all your gardening needs, regardless of your gardening experience.   Ideal for both indoor and outdoor growth, this coco based soil media is designed using the highest quality ingredients, including beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae, that provide your plants the required nutrients for optimal growth and yield. Our Growers Premium blend creates superior soil structure, moisture retention and aeration for vigorous growth and of course, happy roots.      


Coco Coir, Compost, Forest Humus, Worm Castings, Chicken Manure, Pumice, Bat Guano, Seabird Guano, Fish Meal, Fish Bone Meal, Shrimp Shell, Blood Meal, Feather Meal, Gypsum, Dolomite Lime,  Soft Rock Phosphate, Elemite Trace Minerals, Kelp Meal, Oyster shell flour, Greensand, Zeolite, and microbial cocktail

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