Humboldt's Choice

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Humboldt's Choice 

Please call 707-747-5051 for more information about local pickup or delivery options. We look forward to helping you! 

We offer FREE deliveries to Benicia. Delivery to Vallejo is only $25.

Need boost of energy? Harmony Organics Coco Base Mix is specifically designed to provide a premium media for growers with a dedicated nutrient program. Ideal for broad spectrum use, indoors or outdoors, our Coco Base Mix is a great solution for amending existing soil to develop greater water holding capacity and aeriation, while providing a quick boost of nutrients. Whether using conventional methods or organic solutions in a wide variety of growing conditions,  this media enables optimum plant growth and encourages bountiful harvests.


Coco Coir, Compost, Worm Castings, Pumice, Seabird Guano, Fish Meal, Shrimp Shell, Elemite Trace Minerals